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Aeco produces around 5000 standard sensor products for automation and also designs and manufactures Custom sensors and electronic equipment to customer specifications. 
Aeco Custom products have variables that can relate to housing size, supply voltage, switching frequency, operating distance, temperature limits, electrical connections, etc. These differences from the standard product make the device suitable for use in equipment and machinery requiring special and unique application solutions.


AECO produces various types of ATEX sensors, such as NAMUR 1-2-3-G/D non-amplified, inductive sensors, 3D amplified, inductive and capacitive sensorsReed 1-2-3 G/D magnetic sensors, M30 inductive sensors for 3D rotation control, and 1/2D rotating paddle level control sensors, in addition to intrinsically safe barriers for applications in hazardous areas ATEX Gas-Dust fail safe according to 2014/34/EU norm.


The SMS safety magnetic sensors with the related AMS coded magnetic actuators constitute safety devices suitable for monitoring the position of sliding components or removable protections in industrial applications. They are used to stop and disconnect dangerous systems, in case mobile protections are open or absent and where applications on machines require high safety standards.


These devices monitor the time interval between two pulses detected in mechanisms with rotary or linear motion. Three versions are supplied: two with the M30 sensor version using inductive detection for deceleration control (CRT30) and acceleration control (CRT30A) and one consisting of an electronic unit (CRTP) and capable of receiving signals from inductive, capacitive or photoelectric sensors of various sizes and types.


Level control sensors are electronic or mechanical transducers that detect the presence of liquids or solid substances, in powder or granular form, in tanks, silos, hoppers, etc.
AECO level control sensors are used in every type of application to detect the presence, or absence, of materials in transport, dosing, storage systems, a wide range of industrial processes, as well as the agricultural and civil engineering sectors.


Position sensors are electronic transducers that are able to detect the presence of an object in their immediate vicinity, without any actual physical contact with the object itself; this function, together with the absence of any mechanical actuation mechanisms, means that such devices are highly reliable.

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