Allen Bradley Safety Relay

Safety Relay

The new generation of Guardmaster® safety relays addresses the
broad scope of applications in the intricate safety world with a
range of devices. Designed to meet new functional safety
standards, such as EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061, the new family
offers key functions to simplify installation and system complexity. A
broad range of safety devices such as safety interlock switches,
emergency stop devices, pressure sensitive safety mats, and OSSD
devices such as safety light curtains are all compatible with the
same relay without additional configuration.The functionality of two
standard safety relays can be achieved in one Dual Input (DI) device,
allowing connection of two dual-channel input devices into one
safety relay.

Allen Bradley Module

Allen Bradley Output Module

The module can be mounted using the following DIN rails: 35 x 7.5 mm
(EN 50 022 - 35 x 7.5) or 35 x 15 mm (EN 50 022 - 35 x 15).
Before mounting the module on a DIN rail, close the DIN rail latch. Press the DIN
rail mounting area of the module against the DIN rail. The latch will momentarily
open and lock into place.
Use DIN rail end anchors (Allen-Bradley part number 1492-EA35 or
1492-EAH35) for vibration or shock environments

Allen Bradley Power Flex Drives

Allen Bradley Drives

PowerFlex® Compact-class AC Drives deliver a simple and cost-effective solution for standalone machine level control applications or simple system integration. Designed for ease of use, this general-purpose class of drives provides a compact package to optimize panel space and application versatility.