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  1. Use of Highly Hazardous Pesticides
  2. Pesticide risk indicator
  3. Water management (in irrigated farms)
    3.1. Quantity of water used for irrigation
    3.2. Water use efficiency
    3.3. Water Crop Productivity
  4. Top Soil carbon content
  5. Fertilizer use by type (in future: Nitrogen use efficiency)
  6. Forest, wetland and grassland converted for cotton or coffee production
  7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  8. Average yield
  9. Net average returns from cotton and coffee production (in future: Living Income)
  10. Price at farmgate
  11. Proportion of workers earning a legal minimum wage
  12. Incidence of the worst forms of Child Labour
  13. Incidence of Forced Labour
  14. Women’s empowerment
  15. Number of fatalities and non-fatalities on the farm

RF Inductors 

The ETS-Lindgren Model 8000-004 RF Power Amplifier is capable of supplying a
minimum of 1000 watts into a 50 ohm load over the frequency range 80 MHz to 1000
MHz. The amplifier is designed with sufficient gain so that it may be used with normal
output levels of signal sources.
 A safety interlock on the rear panel is also provided, which will mute the
amplifier when grounded.
 The unit is powered by a switched mode power supply for high efficiency,
high power factor, and a wide voltage range operation. The unit is air cooled
with integral fans and is protected against faulty cooling by excess
temperature sensing.
 A front panel fault indicator is provided to indicate over-temperature.
The amplifier is designed for rugged operation into a variety of loads and is primarily
intended for use as an RF power source for EMC susceptibility testing, but is also
applicable to other systems requiring a wide-band linear amplifier.
This amplifier is designated as Professional Equipment and should not be operated
by untrained staff. As this product has the capability to generate high levels of RF
energy it is not intended for use in a residential environment.


  1. The primary side is star connected. Hence fewer numbers of turns are required. This makes the connection economical for large high voltage step down power transformers.
  2. The neutral available on the primary can be earthed to avoid distortion.
  3. The neutral point allows both types of loads (single phase or three phases) to be met.
  4. Large unbalanced loads can be handled satisfactory.
  5. The Y-D connection has no problem with third harmonic components due to circulating currents inD. It is also more stable to unbalanced loads since the D partially redistributes any imbalance that occurs.
  6. The delta connected winding carries third harmonic current due to which potential of neutral point is stabilized. Some saving in cost of insulation is achieved if HV side is star connected. But in practice the HV side is normally connected in delta so that the three phase loads like motors and single phase loads like lighting loads can be supplied by LV side using three phase four wire system.
  7. As Grounding Transformer: In Power System Mostly grounded Y- ∆ transformer is used for no other purpose than to provide a good ground source in ungrounded Delta system. Take, for example, a distribution system supplied by ∆ connected (i.e., ungrounded) power source.


 1RU high-density 4x1GbE BASE-T, 4x1GbE SFP,
and 8x10GbE SFP+ ports.
 Up to 120 Gbps of switching I/O bandwidth with deep
buffers to support lossless network applications.
 Support for open automated configuration and zerotouch provisioning capabilities simplify the management of network environments.

EMI filter

  1. Power module incorporates an IEC connector, single or double-fuse (IEC 5x20mm) holder, optional voltage selector switch and double-pole power switch, plus an EMI filter all-in-one easy-to-install unit.
  2. Adapts to 100-120V or 200-240V input voltage by simply
    reversing the fuse cartridge.
  3. All part numbers are UL recognized, CSA certified and
    VDE approved.
  4. Switch electrical lifetime: 10,000 cycles. Maximum inrush current: 70A.


• On/Off Solenoids (eq. linear and miniature type Solenoids)
• Shift Solenoids (eq. push type Solenoids)
• Open frame solenoids (eq. D / C / U type frame Solenoids)
• DC latching Solenoids (eq. holding type Solenoids)
• Linear Solenoids (eq. pull type Solenoids)
• Tubular solenoid
• AC type solenoid
• Coil of solenoids