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Safety sensors

Pilz sensors PSEN guarantee that machinery and complex plants can be used effi ciently
while still complying with standards intended to protect man and machine. The versatile portfolio means that solutions can be individually tailored to each requirement: from position monitoring to three-dimensional zone monitoring.


• PMD: Electronic monitoring relays such as voltage or true power monitors, for example.
• PNOZ: Safety relays for simple plant and machinery with up to 4 safety functions. Safe monitoring of e-stops, safety gates and light curtains/light grids, for example.
• PNOZmulti: The safety circuit is created using a simple confi guration tool. Applicable from 4 safety functions.
• PSS: Programmable control systems for use on complex machinery or distributed plants, to monitor safety-related functions and/or for complete machine control.
• Industrial communication: Transfer input/output signals and control data reliably
and safely.


 The circuit is redundant with built-in self-monitoring
 The safety function remains effective in the case of a component failure
 The circuit prevents a further press stroke in the case of:
– Relay failure
– Contact welding
– Coil defect on a relay
– Open circuit
– Short circuit