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AutoPill 4BX

AutoPill 4BX


The AutoPill 4BX is a specialized apparatus used to determine the tendency of fabrics to form pills. Pills are small balls of tangled fibers that form on the surface of fabrics through wear and abrasion. This device is essential for assessing the quality and durability of textiles.


  • Latest Engineering Components: Incorporates modern engineering components to ensure easy operation and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Four Wooden Pilling Stations: Features four specially designed wooden pilling stations, allowing for efficient testing of fabric samples.
  • Alphanumeric LCD Display: Equipped with an alphanumeric LCD display screen with backlight illumination, providing clear visibility of test parameters and results.


  • Controlled Rubbing Conditions: Test specimens are rubbed against each other under controlled conditions to simulate the wear and abrasion experienced during regular use.
  • Grading Against Photographic Standards: The specimens are graded against photographic standards for woven and knitted fabrics, allowing for accurate assessment of pilling.
  • ICI Pillbox: Includes an ICI (International Chamber of Commerce) pillbox to replicate pilling on fabrics, ensuring consistency and reliability of test results.
  • Microcomputer Solid-State Controlled Circuitry: Utilizes state-of-the-art microcomputer solid-state controlled circuitry with a user-friendly menu-driven operating system, providing precise control and ease of operation.



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