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CROUZET Solenoid valve 815460

CROUZET Solenoid valve 815460


The Crouzet 815460 is a versatile digital timer with various features designed for industrial applications. Here’s an overview of its specifications and features:


  • Brand: Crouzet
  • Model: 815460
  • Operating Voltage: 24-240V AC/DC
  • Time Range: Programmable from 0.1 seconds to 999 hours
  • Output Contacts: 1 timed changeover relay output
  • Contact Rating: 5A @ 250V AC (resistive load)
  • Number of Programs: Single
  • Mounting: Panel Mount
  • Display: LCD


  1. Versatile Time Range: The timer offers a wide programmable time range from 0.1 seconds to 999 hours, providing flexibility for various industrial timing applications.
  2. Programmable Functions: It allows for the programming of different timing functions such as ON delay, OFF delay, interval, one-shot, and cyclic.
  3. LCD Display: The timer is equipped with an LCD display for easy viewing of the set time and operating status.
  4. Wide Operating Voltage Range: With an operating voltage range of 24-240V AC/DC, the timer is suitable for use in various industrial power systems.
  5. Reliable Output: The timer features one timed changeover relay output with a contact rating of 5A @ 250V AC, making it suitable for controlling various industrial loads.
  6. Panel Mounting: Designed for easy panel mounting, the timer can be installed conveniently in control panels or equipment.
  7. Compact Design: The compact design of the timer allows for space-saving installation in industrial control systems.



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