DigiTRA i9 Traverse Thread Counter

DigiTRA i9 Traverse Thread Counter


The DigiTRA i9 Traverse Thread Counter is an advanced electronic device designed to precisely count the number of threads in textile and fabric manufacturing processes. This tool is essential for ensuring quality control and consistency in textile production.


High Precision: Provides accurate thread counting to ensure product quality.
Digital Display: Easy-to-read digital display for real-time monitoring.
User-Friendly Interface: Simple controls and interface for ease of use.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.
Compact Design: Space-saving design for convenient installation and operation.


Measurement Range: Capable of counting a wide range of thread densities.
Accuracy: High precision sensors for accurate thread counts.
Display: Digital display with backlight for clear visibility.
Power Supply: Operates on standard industrial power sources (e.g., 110V AC or 220V AC).
Connectivity: Options for data output and connectivity to other systems for logging and analysis.
Mounting Options: Versatile mounting options for easy integration into existing setups.
Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for various industrial environments.



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