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The FexMet, also known as the Fabric Stretch and Recovery Meter or Extensio Meter, is a specialized instrument used to determine the stretch and recovery characteristics of various fabrics including knitted, woven, and lycra fabrics. It is an essential tool for assessing the mechanical properties of textiles and evaluating their suitability for specific applications.


  • Loading Frame: The FexMet features a sturdy loading frame equipped with a screw tensioning device. This allows for precise control over the tension applied to fabric samples during testing, ensuring accurate and consistent results.
  • Supplied Accessories: The instrument is supplied with assorted mass weights and a sample cutting template, providing users with the necessary tools to conduct stretch and recovery tests effectively.


  • Tabletop Design: The FexMet is designed to be compact and tabletop-sized, making it suitable for use in laboratory or quality control environments where space may be limited.
  • Simple and Economical: With its straightforward operation and cost-effective design, the FexMet offers a simple and economical solution for conducting stretch and recovery tests on fabrics.
  • Easy to Use: The instrument is user-friendly, allowing operators to perform tests with ease and minimal training. This ensures efficient testing procedures and reliable results.



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