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Needle Detector Machine – Table TOP

Needle Detector Machine – Table TOP


To detect the presence of metal contaminants in products.



  1. Principle of Operation:
    • A Needle Detector Machine operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It generates a magnetic field within its detection zone.
    • When a metallic object, such as a sewing needle, staple, or piece of wire, passes through this magnetic field, it disrupts the field.
    • This disruption is detected by the machine’s sensors, triggering an alarm or stopping the conveyor belt, indicating the presence of metal contamination.
  2. Components:
    • Search Coil: The search coil is the primary component responsible for generating the magnetic field and detecting metal contaminants. It is usually positioned above or below the conveyor belt, through which products pass.
    • Control Unit: The control unit contains the electronics responsible for generating the magnetic field, interpreting sensor signals, and triggering alarms or stopping mechanisms.
    • Conveyor System: Needle detector machines are often integrated into conveyor systems, allowing products to pass through the detection zone efficiently.
    • Alarm System: When metal contamination is detected, the machine activates an alarm, such as an audible sound, flashing light, or stoppage of the conveyor belt, alerting operators to the presence of metal.
  3. Applications:
    • Textile and Garment Industry: Needle Detector Machines are commonly used in textile and garment manufacturing to ensure that finished products are free from metal contaminants, such as sewing needles or pins. This helps prevent injuries to consumers and maintains product quality.
    • Food Processing Industry: In the food processing industry, Needle Detector Machines are used to inspect raw materials, ingredients, and finished products for metal contamination. This is critical for compliance with food safety regulations and preventing contamination-related incidents.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, Needle Detector Machines are used to inspect tablets, capsules, and other products for metal contaminants that could compromise product quality and consumer safety.



  • Quality Assurance: Needle Detector Machines help manufacturers ensure product quality and safety by detecting and removing metal contaminants.
  • Compliance: They assist in meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards for product safety and quality control.
  • Cost Savings: Early detection of metal contaminants prevents product recalls, liability issues, and damage to machinery, saving manufacturers from potential financial losses.


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