Schnieder – Drive – ATV312 HO75N4

Schnieder – Drive – ATV312 HO75N4


The Schneider Electric ATV312HO75N4 is part of the Altivar 312 series, designed for controlling and adjusting the speed of three-phase asynchronous motors. This variable speed drive offers robust performance and is ideal for a range of industrial applications requiring precision and efficiency.


Product Line: Altivar 312
Model: ATV312HO75N4
Power Rating: 7.5 kW (10 HP)
Input Voltage: 380-500 V AC, three-phase
Output Voltage: 0 to 500 V, three-phase


Compact Design: Allows for easy installation in confined spaces, suitable for both wall mounting and integration into machine cabinets.
Energy Efficiency: Provides significant energy savings by optimizing motor performance and reducing energy consumption.
Advanced Motor Control: Features multiple control modes for precise speed and torque management, enhancing machine performance.
User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a simple and intuitive keypad for easy configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics.



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