Sick Sensor – MM12-60APSZCK

Sick Sensor – MM12-60APSZCK


The Sick MM12-60APSZCK is an inductive proximity sensor designed for reliable detection of metal objects within a specified range. This sensor is commonly used in various industrial applications for automation and control, offering robust performance and easy integration into existing systems.


Model: MM12-60APSZCK
Sensing Range: Up to 60 mm
Output Type: PNP normally open (NO)
Power Supply Voltage: 10 to 30 V DC
Current Consumption: ≤ 15 mA
Output Current: ≤ 200 mA


High Sensing Range: Detects metal objects up to 60 mm away, suitable for various industrial applications.
PNP Output: Provides a normally open (NO) PNP output for easy interfacing with control systems.
Wide Operating Voltage: Operates with a supply voltage range of 10 to 30 V DC.
High Switching Frequency: Capable of switching up to 500 Hz, suitable for high-speed applications.
Durable Construction: Stainless steel housing ensures durability and resistance to harsh industrial environments.



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