Wet Fabric Reversing Machine

Wet Fabric Reversing Machine


A Wet Fabric Reversing Machine is an industrial textile processing machine used in the wet finishing stage of fabric production. It is designed to reverse or invert fabric rolls after they have been treated with various wet processes such as dyeing, washing, or coating. Here’s an overview of its functions, features, and applications.


  1. Reversing Fabric Rolls: The primary function of a wet fabric reversing machine is to reverse or invert fabric rolls. After one side of the fabric roll has undergone wet processing, such as dyeing or washing, the machine reverses the roll so that the other side can undergo the same treatment. This ensures uniform treatment of both sides of the fabric.
  2. Even Dyeing and Processing: By reversing the fabric rolls, the machine helps ensure even dyeing or processing of the fabric. This is important for achieving consistent color and quality throughout the fabric roll.
  3. Preventing Creases and Wrinkles: The machine helps prevent creases and wrinkles in the fabric by continuously and evenly reversing the fabric rolls. This ensures that the fabric remains smooth and free from defects.


  1. Roll Reversing Mechanism: The machine is equipped with a mechanism for reversing fabric rolls. This mechanism may involve rotating rollers, conveyor belts, or other moving parts to facilitate the reversal process.
  2. Adjustable Speed and Tension: Many wet fabric reversing machines feature adjustable speed and tension controls. This allows operators to optimize the reversal process based on the specific requirements of the fabric being processed.
  3. Fabric Handling Systems: The machine may include fabric handling systems such as guides, sensors, and tension control devices to ensure proper alignment and tensioning of the fabric rolls during the reversal process.
  4. Safety Features: Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors may be incorporated into the machine to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety.


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