We have 13 years of journey in providing innovative technologies and solutions for Textile/Hosiery Machinery, Electrical/Mechanical/Electronics & Instrumentation Automation, and Industrial Automation and Control. As an independent, privately owned company, we offer machinery products for all industries, including chemical and oil and gas, packaging, steel, windmill, and more.

Our products include API Pneumatic Cylinder AMA 32/150 Cylinder, API Pneumatic Cylinder 40/150 AMA Cylinder, Novotecnic Rotary Potentiometer SP2801 100 002 001, Pizzato Limit Switch NFB110FB DMK, Pizzato Limit Switch E6 IDM010K-D319, Limit-Switch-fl-525, GSM Cutting PAD, and Allen Bradley – POWERFLEX AC Drive 4M-5.5 KW (7.5HP)AD DRIVE 22F D013N104 and much more. We also offer textile machinery, laboratory equipment, machinery spares, and accessories to textile and non-textile industries.

At Microtex Corporation, we focus on meeting your requirements and providing you with equipment that fulfills your production objectives. Our goal is to develop products that improve the productivity, reliability, and efficiency of our customer’s applications and, therefore, the quality of their products and services. We offer machines/products/spares and solutions for industrial process control and automation and can develop new applications and manufacture customized products for volume production. It has made us a preferred supplier to several demanding, world-class manufacturers.

We are committed to continuously improving our products and services as a customer-focused company. We believe in open communication with our customers, suppliers, and associates, and customer satisfaction and support are key elements of our overall operating philosophy. We provide an ongoing relationship with our customers beyond the initial purchase to ensure that our products operate properly and safely throughout their life cycle.

Our expertise in the textile industry is extensive, and we are proud to work worldwide with large-scale manufacturers and a network of customers and clientele inside and outside the Textile/Hosiery industry. We offer machines and equipment for weaving, dyeing, garment making, home textiles, and more. With our products and solutions, we aim to contribute to the growth of the textile industry in India and beyond.

Microtex Corporation – your partner in innovation and progress in the textile and other industries. Contact us to discuss your machinery needs and requirements today.